Food Delivery, Rideshare, and Item Delivery all at YOUR PRICE

No, we're not kidding, YOU get to CHOOSE the PRICE

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Here's how it works

why multum?

Benefits for Customers

You pick your price

You post how much you’re willing to pay and whoever is willing to do it at your price will do the job for you.

No extra fees on food or delivery

You’ll never have to face any hidden fees or extra fees for delivery or ridesharing.

You get to pick your driver

Once you post your job, drivers apply to the job. You get to review their application and pick the right person for the job.

Benefits for Drivers

You pick your jobs

You can search for jobs and choose the job you are comfortable with rather than randomly being assigned one. 

Drivers make more with Multum

We only take 15% of the job price, which is the lowest in the industry.

Unprecedented Transparency

Know everything about the job, and how much they will earn, where they are going, and everything else essential beforehand.

This is the future of Multum

Home Services

Looking for Carpenters, Painters, Handymen, or Cleaners? In the future, you’ll be able to use Multum to find them and anyone else to address home needs at YOUR price quickly.

web services

Looking for Website Creation, Website Design, or something else tech-related? You’ll be able to use Multum for all your tech-related needs in the near future.

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